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Services to corporate Companies

equa international offers a comprehensive risk management and insurance approach.


Our network of insurance brokers provide services to help you implementing appropriate risk and insurance solutions.


In addition, we work with a worldwide network of specialists and can put you in contact with the right

lawyers, accountants, industry specialists, claims adjusters.


Review and assess insurances policies
Set up and place international programs
Consider local compliance


Coordinate the need
Review existing structure

Provide and place offers


Online solution
Strategic review
Events / Trainings

Risk Management

  • Fire Prevention & Protection
  • Business Interruption / Supply Chain Management
  • Liability Risk Analysis

Claims Management

  • Assistance with claims handling.
  • Assistance to handle claims within deductibles
  • Recall campaign assistance

Special Consultancy

  • Acquisition & Spin-Off
  • Crisis Management
  • Cyber Risk Audits
  • Employee benefits Audits
  • Practical Trainings, Workshops
  • Market Trends

Special Lines

  • IPO – Initial Public Offering
  • CBI – Contingent Business Interruption
  • IP – Intellectual Propertys
  • Cyber
  • Financial Lines
  • Trade Credit & Factorings

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