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We are close to our clients, quickly on the spot, quickly on site


equa international has reliable partners around the world and can introduce the brokers who fit best your needs.

We are highly reactive and bringing the right answer
to accompany your business needs.

We offer a wide range of services. You decide about the scope of our intervention.


We are your reliable and consistent business partners – successful and highly specialized in the insurance brokerage business since decades.

We are independent insurance brokers.

We are focused on long-term business relationships.

Empathy & Proximity

Good advice works like in a family. We first need to understand your concerns, worries and fears in order to give a good advice.

We always take your concerns seriously, not only in major countries but also in smaller ones where you might face serious risks.


Providing wide market access, global management and regular reporting is key.

Building confidence is the only way to make good business, we do not know any other!

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